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Gentle rejuvenation that fits patients' lifestyle—and your practice
As the most gentle option in the product family, the non-ablative Fraxel refine combines a more superficially absorbed wavelength with the unique fractional delivery and intuitive medical software of Fraxel systems.

The result is a safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment that improves texture, tone, pigmentation and periorbital fine lines—all with minimal downtime or discomfort. So patients can rejuvenate and resurface their skin and usually return to work or other activities on the same day.

Just as Fraxel re:fine treatment is easy and effective for patients, it’s easy and profitable for your practice. It’s a light, portable system, perfect for practices with multiple locations. And due to the user-friendly interface and intuitive safety features, you can feel confident delegating Fraxel re:fine treatment to staff*.

1410 nm wavelength
The Fraxel refine laser wavelength is optimized for superficial treatments at lower energy levels, while still enabling treatment up to 650 µm deep into the dermis. And since the 1410 nm fiber laser targets water, not melanin, Fraxel re:fine treatment is safe on all skin types—on and off the face.

Advanced technology—the most efficient delivery for the best possible results
All Fraxel laser products use the same patented platform of technological intelligence—ensuring the highest efficacy, safety and flexibility. Since you select the energy level, treatment level and number of passes, you can tailor each treatment to your patient’s needs. Key features of the Fraxel refine system:

• Intelligent Optical Tracking® system. The technology adjusts to hand speed and ensures uniform treatment, distributing pulses evenly while maintaining optimal spacing to reduce heat. The result is treatment that’s safe, effective and fast, with a full-face treatment typically completed in 20-25 minutes.

• Optimized spot size based on chosen parameters. The system optimizes the microscopic spot size for each energy level, maximizing penetration while minimizing bulk heating in surrounding tissue. As a result, patients have almost no discomfort or downtime, and there is low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

• Ergonomic roller tip. The handpiece enables a gliding hand motion and a consistent treatment pattern.

• Intuitive touch-screen interface. The easy-to-navigate system requires only 3 settings to control depth, density and energy delivered.

• Safety. The laser fires only when the handpiece touches the skin and when the footswitch is engaged. And to prevent overtreatment, the number of microscopic treatment zones (MTZs) is matched to the speed of application. This built-in safety and ease of use make the Fraxel re:fine system a more flexible option for your practice.*
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