Lumenis Acupulse
Lumenis Acupulse
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Just what you’d expect from the innovators of UltraPulse®. The AcuPulse system is the smart choice among fractional CO2 lasers. It goes beyond basic continuous-wave (CW) benefits to bring you the added value of high-peak power, short-pulse duration SuperPulse technology. Unsurpassed education, customer service and product support make it the ultimate Lumenis experience at a price that’s commensurate with your current needs.

super versatile & precise

Beam scan variety. Five shapes. Nine sizes. Five density settings. All for more than 100 FDA-cleared indications. Variable depth control and scanning precision for optimal reproducibility.

super sleek & sophisticated

A personalized login for preferred user interface screens and navigation. Compact size and industrial design. Laser treatment data storage. Smart foot switch. Four-way pivoting casters. Minimal disposables cost. Plug-and-play upgrades.

super simple & state-of-the-art

Touchscreen, color GUI controls. Switch modes with the push of a button. Integrated instruction tools and video tutorials demonstrating accessory assembly. Superior electronic control systems offering unmatched safety features and reproducibility.
the power of the pulse

Standard CW lasers have long-pulse durations due to their constant low-pulse profile. These long-pulse durations cause heat conduction in the tissue resulting in wide, inconsistent, conical-shaped zones of thermal damage. While CW lasers allow for maximum tissue involvement, they offer the least amount of consistency and patient comfort.

AcuPulse, a more advanced SuperPulse laser, has high-peak power with short-pulse durations, providing more consistent heating within the thermal zone. The ablation threshold is achieved very quickly and target tissue is ablated with limited thermal damage, providing increased patient comfort and less downtime.

The premium UltraPulse laser provides sustainable high-pulse power, delivering six times more power than most CW lasers. Through extremely short-pulse durations, UltraPulse ablates tissue very quickly, leaving a narrow, controlled amount of thermal damage. With 240 watts of average pulse power to tissue, the UltraPulse can ablate deeper than CW or SuperPulse lasers for indications such as burn scars, while imposing minimal additional thermal damage.

AcuPulse delivers:

• Adjustable zones of thermal damage
• Pulse durations in less than half a millisecond
• Raster scan for precise pulse delivery and reliable consistency
• Decreased downtime and discomfort for your patients
• A legacy of experience in developing CO2 technology
• Unparalleled Lumenis customer service and support

the AcuScan120â„¢ offers:

SuperPulsed Digital Scanning that is precise, fast, repeatable and safe. Deep fractional 120 μm spot with state-of-the-art mirror position feedback. Open visualization allows you to place the treatment exactly where you want it.

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