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Focus Medical NaturaBrador:
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American made and designed to the highest quality and specification, the whisper-quiet, high-power motor and advanced no clog delivery system delivers a steady, constant and predictable stream of crystals. The micro-adjustable vacuum can tune the system to the smallest increments to offer consistent treatments that vary from the lightest peel to a deep microdermabrasion. With a flick of a switch and the addition of a hand piece, the NaturaBrador System goes into “massage” mode, offering a second treatment option. The dust-free, self-contained crystal handling system, is a reminder that this system was designed for not just performance, but for the operator as well.

Applications and Treatments
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Skin Resurfacing

Key Benefits
• Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
• High-power motor provides strong ablation and long life
• Constant-flow design prevents clogging
• Lowest disposable costs
• Environmentally friendly no-mess, no-dust crystal handling
• Ergonomic hand piece offers durability and comfort
• FDA registered manufacturing
• Whisper-quiet operation

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